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Are you in need of some debt help due to summer spending?

Summer as always went by too quickly and as we jump back into our warm clothes and turn the heating on, we might begin to consider how much money we have spent over the past few months.

Did you stay on budget, save some money or did you, like many others, spend a little too much?

UK spending this year wilted slightly because of the amazing weather that snuck in, but many people still overspent on holiday or heading to the nearest beer garden to enjoy the sunshine. Maybe you bought yourself some well-needed garden furniture or new clothes to deal with the unusually high temperatures. Whatever you spent your money on, you wouldn’t have been alone in overspending.

A survey conducted by showed that Brits spend recklessly while they are on holiday and “97% of holidaymakers don’t regret reckless spending on their summer holidays.” This leaves many with debt they are unable to manage when reality sets in back home.

Using credit cards or short-term loans to get through the summer months is what can cause issues for many Brits. When summer is over, and we need to think quickly about how we pay this all back with the festive season starting to creep into our minds, managing our debt can become quite stressful.

If you think you could do with some help and advice on your debts, get in touch with us today. Whether it be overspending on holiday or simply not keeping track of your summer spend, our expert advisors will tell you all of the solutions available to you, so you can pay back your debts at a rate you can afford. Call us today on 0141 380 0588.